Zoom Trinket Box, Edo Kiriko "Chrysanthemum"

Trinket Box, Edo Kiriko "Chrysanthemum"

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Wood box Size: 90mm (Caliber) x 104mm (Height)
A Trinket Box featuring a traditional Japanese hand-ball since late Heian Period. The traditional pattern of "Oblique Lattice" & "Star" depict geometric pattern on the hand-ball. Serve multi-purpose such as trinket container or as an appetizer mini-bowl.

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Trinket Box, Edo Kiriko "Chrysanthemum"



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Kagami Crystal is a manufacturer of crystal glassware. It supplies glassware to the Imperial Household Agency for official receptions, and also makes traditional Japanese Edo Kiriko craftworks.
Our top-quality articles made in Japan have always been very popular and are ideal gift items.


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