Zoom Tumbler "SORA"

Tumbler "SORA"

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Paper box Size: 65mm (Caliber) x 110mm (Height)・220ml (Capacity)
Inspired by Japanese traditional Zen Rock Garden and named after its symbolization of infinite space, SORA or Universe represents wave motion. This Crystal Glass with KAGAMI's pride clarity will add extra beauty to your beverage poured into. This Tumbler is versatile to serve wide range of beverages such as whiskey & water, chaser, non-alcohol green tea and iced tea. This series will come with "Omotenashi (Hospitality) cloth" which can be used as a coaster or to wipe off water droplet on the glass with our thoughts to wish your familiarization of Crystal Glass.

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Tumbler "SORA"



Feel Japan

Kagami Crystal is a manufacturer of crystal glassware. It supplies glassware to the Imperial Household Agency for official receptions, and also makes traditional Japanese Edo Kiriko craftworks.
Our top-quality articles made in Japan have always been very popular and are ideal gift items.


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